Are You Looking for Battery and Starter Repair in Lafayette, IN? B&M Auto Has You Covered

Both the battery and starter are incredibly important components in a vehicle’s operation. If a starter or battery fails, the entire vehicle is basically obsolete until it is fixed or replaced. Thankfully, here at B&M Auto, we offer timely, affordable battery and starter repairs in Lafayette, IN.

Let’s first focus on the starter. There are several signs that indicate a faulty starter, and identifying these small signs can help you determine when a bigger problem is arising.

3 Signs that your Starter May Need a Repair

1) Engine Will Not Crank – Malfunctioning Solenoid

The solenoid’s job is to transmit electrical current from the battery to the starter motor when the key is turned in the vehicle’s ignition. The solenoid also pushes the starter drive into the flywheel to allow cranking. The starter will not work if the solenoid is malfunctioning or broken. If you turn your vehicle’s key to the crank position and you see nothing happen, first try to jiggle the gear shift lever. If the engine still will not crank, you’re likely experiencing a malfunctioning solenoid.

2) Oil Soak

Usually, the vehicle’s starter is located near the bottom of the engine, which puts it at risk of becoming soaked from leaks from your engine oil or other drivetrain fluids. A starter that has been oil-soaked won’t last long, and it’s crucial to correct the leak and replace the starter before a vehicle malfunction can occur.

3) A Grinding Noise

When the starter drive gear is becoming worn or not working as it should, you will often hear a grinding noise that resembles the noise that can be heard if you start your engine and mistakenly hit the starter again. If this sign is ignored, the engine flywheel may also become damaged.

If you notice any of the above signs, you should head over to B&M Auto immediately for battery and starter repair in Lafayette, IN. We are experts in car diagnostics and can recognize the problem quickly so that we can get your starter fixed and your car back on the road.

Battery Repair

Another one of the most important parts of keeping a car on the road is the battery. Studies show that most batteries will only last 2-5 years. Batteries can be rather expensive, so it is important to get the most out of their lifespan. When your battery fails, it can be easy to assume it is just getting old and needs to be replaced. However, it may only need a quick fix, which should be much cheaper than getting a new battery all together. Your batter may contain a leak, which can easily corrode the body of the car if left unchecked. It may have permanent damage from extreme temperatures or it may just be low on fluid. No matter what it is, the specialists at B&M Auto have the experience, skills, and tools needed for successful battery and starter repair in Lafayette IN. Come visit us at 710 Navco Drive, Lafayette, IN 47905 or call us at 765-448-4532. We can’t wait to hear from you!